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SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPXC) is a supplier of infrastructure equipment in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and detection and measurement markets.


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Former Employee - Maintenance says

"No family time. You work all the time"

Former Employee - Assembler says

"Have a family? Are you a veteran? They will have you fired in 3 years tops. You get 1 week of vacation a year so if you have family in a different state you wont see them as long as you work here (unless they come to you)."

Former Employee - Assembler says

"Favoritism for relatives and bad communication for everyone else"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of consistently from upper management in regards to hiring and increasing production numbers. Favoritism as evidence with their hiring Limited growth opportunities. Distrust of the manager I worked under. Not a great company to work for if you are a POC."


"Very bad work environment completely"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Outdated culture. Poor Management at some locations. Office Politics- Management is no good"

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management team had superiority issues. They had no restraint when it came to treating employees like garbage. They also had the least professional environment of anywhere I ever worked I. The past 40yrs and all of that was perpetuated from the very top down. In short I have never worked anywhere with so many foul mouthed jerks!"

DIE CAST FOUNDRY WORKER (Former Employee) says

"At the time i was employed here the automotive market tanked and was laid off. the job was hard heavy lifting etc. they had a ecent pay scheule an incentives along the way. im not sure how it is there today. they had an aquisition"

Plant Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company doesn't want to invest in people or the company. You will be pushed and pushed and pushed but because of how the bonus structure is designed, you will never see one. No matter what you do, you will be a number..NoneHorrible culture"

Night Cleaner (Current Employee) says

"Managers get away with murder. My supervisor risked 3 people's lives for 30 days and nothing was done to him. Wages in all departments are cut by 10.00 compared to grandfather rate. HR will lie to you to get you in. No bonuses and union is soft and cowardly.NoneLots"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This place was terrible. The proverbial "sweat shop" if you will. Once worked three days straight troubleshooting a systems issue (with only two hours of sleep) and was written up on day 4 for being late. Was paid awful as well. Helpdesk salary for Server Engineering/Admin work. When asked for a raise I was told by managment to, ahem, get the BLEEP outNoneWorking Hours, Complete and utter disrespect for employees"

Accounting/Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"SPX bought the company I worked for and while the reorganization was in place many people lost their jobs, turning a family owned company into shamble."

Vtl Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Management is not good. People there are stuck in their ways. They will lie to your face. They do not hire people. I knew a guy that work there as a temp for about two and half years. They promised to hire and then end up laying him off."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for five years, horrible leadership. They aquire many product lines with very little knowledge about what they are getting into. Priorities change daily, very worried about the lag data but have no clue what lead measures to monitor to make positive change happen. More of a "pound the fist on the table" and create fear, kind of atmosphere. This company has no clue how to retain talent, you will get no where unless you're part of the 'good ol' boys club".networking, expereincetoo diversified to even understand their customers let alone the employees"

Office (Current Employee) says

"Employees are very unhappy here. Pay is low compared to other companies in Tulsa. Bad style of management. Many of my coworkers are looking for other jobs due to the stress level."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"All and all the job is easy but that's about it. management is not helpful same can be said for some of the employees. the turn over rate here is very high. my first day i found out that 95% staff was new only had been there 5 to 6 months. very high turn over rate. management has their favorites and the rest is just a number. management will smile in your face and stab you in the back."

Lead Man/Carpenter/Cooling Tower Erector (Former Employee) says

"From my perspective as a former employee, this was once a great company to work for ,at one time. Currently the brand has been tarnished. Too much individualism too much racism and very little respect for person. While I did meet some ppl I won't forget , I still don't have much good to speak of. When your upper management and certain lead people are being hypocrites on the daily. It seem unlikely this company will progress into the futureSome of the people i worked with.Being constantly conned on the daily"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"Too many hours of very hard work for very little pay. Required to work excessive overtime. Most people speak very little English. Expect absolutely no life. Sleep and work. Day off, catch up on sleep. There are too many other good jobs out there that pay what they are worth.PffEverything about this place is a con"

Office (Current Employee) says

"This office has a very hard time keeping employees. They leave first chance they get. Leadership is very two-faced. You can expect very long hours and no pay raise or bonus. So focused on what time employees arrive and leave and how long of a lunch they take, that they miss the big picture entirely. Time to get a new leader and start making money again. This time, get someone in there that the employees can identify with and trust."

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"IT at SPX is 20 years behind. They fear moving forward and implementing new technologies. They are a run the shop group and they do not believe in adding value to the business through technology. The company has great potential if you can break through the politics. Good peopleManagement"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"bad sales team because they are taking on contracts they cant fulfill on time to deliver on project. They give employees a lunch as your bonus."

clerical (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company, bought us after a year or so closed us down. Management was worthless, stay away from this company. Most unorganized company I have ever worked for all they cared about was the month end dollar and shady.none I can list. worthlessprobably will lose your job if you work for them, be leary."

Stores Controller (Former Employee) says

"Spx had a management structure that lied and filked you with false promises. Sold the power and energy division, then told us a pack of lies and made me redundant."

Lead Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"This is an excellent place to work if you hate your family or don't have one. The general management is way to gung-ho. I understand doing better, but they take it way too far.Well paid, unlimited overtimeMandatory overtime, unrealistic goals"

Area Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Work was not hard. We kept up with production and worked a family. The pay and benefits were excellent. Cleanliness was our priority and followed safety rules.Good work environmentPlant moved back north"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Newport Facility doesn't care about their employees. You are a number and nothing more. That's the new corporate way. Simple supplies and tools are refused. Equipment is out dated and dangerous. The human resources department does what the manger says not Corporate. Corporate lets Management do whatever they want as long as they are generating 40 million a year, they don't care. Number of employees has dwindled over the years forcing people to do multiple jobs in a stressful environment. I don't mind the work at all. The floor employees are good people. Management on all levels is a joke. "Do what I tell with no lip or I'll help you pack your stuff" Temps are made huge promises only to be lied to later.BenefitsManagement"

Dt says

"Spx, especially hr sucks. They hire people with zero skills and want them to be turned in to quality workers. And when the suck they keep them, because they are bodies. Saturday and Sunday work is a joke, no one does anything, and yet they pay them time and a half for Saturday and double time for Sunday. If you wanna make a lotta money and do nothing but it spx Waukesha is you place. A complete joke, I\'d fire all of second shift, completely useless. And again hr is clueless. "

Dt says

"Not a good place, spx is a joke top to bottom, hr sucks and most of management sucks. Only one good supervisor across all three shifts, in the whole company. Pretty sad but true. Again hr is the worst of anywhere I have ever worked at in 43 yrs. Pathetic pencil pushing brainless are best words I can think of. Real joke!"

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